Recently, I set myself a challenge:

Spend 30 minutes writing a daily blog, and then post the typed words on this here page (which I aptly titled The Daily Blog). 

I started well; with all of the vigour and enthusiasm that one experiences, when undertaking something new and exciting, but alas . . . 

I failed. 

I lasted 8 whole days, and to be fair, that's 4 whole days longer than part of me expected (so there's a moral victory in there somewhere). Naturally, the old dicky brain up there — the scaled, prehistoric, reptilian, lizard of a thing — decided at some point on/near the 2nd of May, that it didn't want to spend time sat down writing.

The in-house narrative went a little like this . . . 

Me: Okay, it's time to write about've been thinking loads about a whole variety of different things today, just type them down for 30 minutes and you're done. Easy.
Brain: I don't want to feel like I have to do it, though...
Me: Do it because you want to do it then...
Brain: But...I don't wanna do it.
Me: C'mon now! This was your fucking idea, you dick! You're gonna make me look a right old cock!
Brain: ...I hear that the Xbox is pretty good this time of year.

And that was that. Before I knew it, I'd missed a day, so it was fine to miss another. And another. Then a week goes by and The Daily Blog becomes yet another something added to the forever unspooling list of things I didn't properly commit to . . . 

Then, completely out of the blue, I receive the following comment on Instagram, courtesy of a learned mate o' mine — and the sole reader of this blog — named Stew:

This comment was the exact electronic kick up the sphincter that I needed, and it got me thinking; not only am I letting my one devoted reader down, I'm also letting myself down by not carrying on with something that I'd told the world (Stew) that I was going to do.

I realised that I'd have to formulate a cunning plan if I was to get back on the right [write] track . . . 

My routinely arsehole-ish brain and I agreed to come together and begin Internal Assessment Mode — a mode in which we routinely ruminate on problems, in order to come up with practical, logical solutions, that can be easily and simply implemented. 

After some deep inwards thinking, we (mostly me) came to the following conclusion: my brain is naturally rebellious in its default setting, so when it knows it has to do something, it actively resists and tries to do anything but that very thing

(This isn't the first time I've posted about procrastination, and I'm certain it won't be the last.)

So, with this in mind (so to speak), I've come up with a little trick I'll tell myself, next time I want to get something done. 

"You don't have to write every single day, but if you want to, that's cool . . . but you don't have to, you can do what you want, you bloody maverick, you."

Then, miraculously, when given the choice, old brainy wants to write, create, and do all of that pretty good stuff that it enjoys to do when it is given the illusion of freedom. In turn, this magically (and unexplainably) feeds the soul and everyone is happy — including Stew, God bless him. 

In the spirit of continuing with my intention to do this sort of thing regularly, this section will now be named simply: "The Blog"

You shall be hearing again from me shortly. 

(Stew, is The Blog Formally Known as The Daily Blog too long?)